Wall Street / Wall Street 2

Discuss what you liked or didn't like about the last movie you saw. Not enough action? Too much romance? Jot it down and let us know. Kudos if the movie featured a jacket that we feature on this site. Even better if it features a great new jacket that we can add to the site.

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Wall Street / Wall Street 2

Postby Aldridge » Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:41 am

Hi there,

just wondering, why nobody wrote about the new "Wall Street" movie... Anyway it features some interesting Belstaff jackets...

Ok, I watched the first "Wall Street" on Blu-Ray and went to the cinema the next day. The first one is beyond any blame. It describes the "stock exchange life" and the mentality of the 80s very well. Gordon Gekkos quote "greed is good" became part of cinema history - and motivated a lot of people to become a stockbroker, banker etc. The actors were very good, too - it was the time, when Charlie Sheen played in good movies and when Daryl Hannah and Sean Young were real eye candy.

The second one ("Money never sleeps") has a much harder time, because it´s the movie of the financial crisis of 2008 - and this crisis was much more abstract and hardly to illustrate. But the movie makes every effort to make the crash tangible. Bankers become redundant, the camera falls down from the skyscrapers, while Michael Douglas has some good monologue about the mechanisms of the crisis. In these moments the movie works very well. By contrast the family story about Gekko, his daughter (sweet, but annoying: Carey Mulligan) and her fiancé (really good: Shia LaBeouf) mainly fails. On balance: Good movie with noble motives, but not as snappy and consistent as the first one.

Astonishing: Shia´s biker jackets were obviously not made by Belstaff. But some of the coats were Belstaff, I assume. btw: The watches were by IWC, really nice...
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